Animal welfare

Our commitment to environmental responsibility includes ethical and responsible standards in the use of animal-related products.

Our animal welfare policy states that:

  • animal products must come from animals that have been treated ethically and responsibly, based on the internationally accepted “Five Freedoms” for animal welfare.
  • animal products from slaughtered animals must come from species reared in farms to obtain meat
  • we will never use products from animals slaughtered exclusively for their skin, shell, horn, bone, feather or down
  • we will never sell cosmetic products that have been tested on animals at any stage of production

Our brands do not sell fur

Inditex stores do not sell fur. We strictly follow the Fur Free Retailer Programme supported by the Fur Free Alliance.The programme’s definition of fur includes: ‘any animal skin or part thereof with hair or fur fibres attached thereto, either in its raw or processed state or the pelt of any animal killed solely for its fur. “Animal” includes, but is not limited to, mink, coyote, sable, fox, muskrat, rabbit, and raccoon dog.’ 

"Fur" shall not include:

  • such skins as are, or are to be, converted into leather or which in processing have, or shall have, the hair, fleece, or fur fiber completely removed
  • materials clipped, shorn, or combed from animals, fleece, sheepskin and shearling
  • leather or hair attached to skin that is typically used as leather (e.g. cowhide with hair attached)
  • synthetic materials intended to look like fur

Besides, following constructive discussions with PETA, we have also committed to phase out the small number of products our apparel brands sell containing mohair, so all their products are completely mohair-free since the 2020 Spring-Summer campaign.


All wool producers in our supply chain must comply with our rigorous standards for the ethical treatment of animals. For example, we do not accept cruel practices such as mulesing. We have ceased production of garments made from angora wool and have removed this material from all our ranges.


As with other animal-related products, leather suppliers, whether their relationship with us is direct or indirect with us, must follow our requirements for the responsible treatment of animals. Leather must come only from animals raised for their food, never solely for their hide.