Closing the loop

We want to close the loop and develop a complete and efficient cycle of life for our products.

What we do with things we no longer need is of critical importance for the environment. Waste is a uniquely human problem. In nature, the cycle of growth and decay is in balance – nothing is wasted.

It is a stable and sustainable system in which natural resources are renewed and waste never builds up. A closed loop.

At Inditex, we want to close the loop and move towards a circular economy – developing a complete and efficient life cycle for our products, in which nothing goes to waste.




By 2023, one of our aims is Zero Waste, no longer send anything to landfills from our own headquarters, logistics centres, stores and factories.

We encourage the use of more sustainable materials, collaborating with partners and investing in new technologies for greener and cleaner fashion products. We are also making it easier for our customers to drop off their used garments with us, so that we can them aim to give a second life or recycle them.