Joint Turkey Programme

The Joint Turkey Programme is a working example of how our agreement with IndustriALL, the international trade union federation, can operate successfully in the field.

It aims to strengthen worker participation in a large Turkish factory to bring long-term benefits to labour conditions, productivity, pay, and employment relations.

By opening new channels of communication between workers and managers, local union representatives and the employer, all sides are building trust and finding common purpose for positive change.

Workers selected their own representatives who were trained in the principles of collective bargaining.



The representatives meet with company management every month to raise concerns and suggest improvements in working practice.

Since the scheme began in 2013, developments have included a reorganisation of work according to professional classification and the introduction of an incentive system. 

The factory itself is expecting a dramatic boost in productivity, forecasting a 40 to 50% increase in its workforce alongside a 250% increase in production in the coming years.

We are continuing to participate closely with IndustriALL, worker representatives and the supplier to take the programme further.