Workers at the center

We promote Human Rights and the most stringent labour standards in the factories we work with in the world.

Inditex strives to make sure the most stringent labour standards are upheld and safeguarded in the factories we work with in 50 different markets with different sociocultural realities.

By the same token, we want them to be vessels for the promotion of human rights.

To that end we create programmes to ensure the well-being of the more than 2 million people working in our supply chain.

The aim is to have these projects encompass 100% of our suppliers and their workers.

Rollout is gradual and the order of deployment is prioritised on the basis of each cluster's and community's specific needs and exhaustive analysis of local realities, strengths and areas for improvement.

Having analysed the results of our Compliance Programme, we designed projects to reinforce the following seven lines of initiative shown in the images below.