We are committed to providing an inclusive work environment that empowers all our employees without exception.

We are committed to providing an inclusive work environment where all our employees can contribute to their own and to Inditex’s success. We value the diversity of our teams and understand that, above all else, our people are our greatest asset.  

Multiculturalism, diversity and respect are a key part of our DNA. Our employees represent 177 nationalities, a multitude of cultures and beliefs.  

At Inditex we strongly believe in the power of people. We foster inclusive work environments that empower our coworkers to thrive and succeed regardless of their race, ethnicity, gender or gender identity, sexual orientation, age, religion, and disability, among other characteristics. At Inditex, we stand against racism, as publicly expressed through this letter.

Our global Diversity & Inclusion Policy applies to all entities of Inditex and is fully supported by the top management. The Company understands that building and promoting a diverse and inclusive workplace environment will contribute towards the achievement of our corporate and business objectives.

We are committed to supporting gender equality through initiatives promoting awareness and encouraging work-life balance. Also, we favour pregnancy-friendly and breastfeeding-friendly policies, promote workplace health and safety, support leaves of absence for those with specific caring obligations, and provide financial aid in particular sensitive situations.

A special committee continually assesses the effectiveness of our measures and explores new proposals aligned with the evolution of the company and its employees.

The principles of inclusiveness and equality of opportunity are embedded throughout our employment policies, including our practices on recruitment and selection, compensation and benefits, promotions, transfers, professional development and training, and all other terms and conditions of employment.

Igualdad, diversidad, conciliación

Our employees are further protected and supported by our commitment to labour rights and our collaboration with the union federation UNI Global Union and its worker representatives.

A Framework Agreement with the union, signed in 2009, endorses all the labour rights enshrined in the conventions of the International Labour Organisation (ILO), and is the bedrock our positive relationship with our employees.

Fostering the inclusion

We strive to create a work environment in which everyone feels accepted and has the freedom to voice their ideas and be heard. If individuals are not satisfied with any aspect of their employment, we have different channels for them to raise issues so that they can be addressed. We do not tolerate discrimination of any kind. Inditex has specific systems in place so that in the event of alleged discrimination, an internal investigation is promptly conducted and appropriate action is taken.

Since 2006 we have supported the EQUAL Community Initiative, which is co-financed by the European Commission together with the Spanish Coordinator of the European Women's Lobby and the Carolina Foundation. This initiative encourages businesses to implement measures for reducing workplace gender inequality while fighting all forms of discrimination within and beyond the labour market.

Also, we have been implementing Gender Equality Plans in Spain in every brand of the company, as well as different initiatives to prevent sexual harassment, and setting action protocols in all the countries in which we are present.

Since June 2018, Inditex supports the United Nations’ LGBTI Standards of Conduct for Business to tackle discrimination against LGBTI people. We are also members of  Open for Business, a coalition of global companies that promotes a positive business and economic case for LGBT inclusion and equality of opportunity for everyone, all across the world.

Financial Times has included Inditex among its Diversity Leaders, a report highlighting the progress made in achieving full inclusion in the workplace. Refinitiv has also selected the Group among the main 100 leading companies in the promotion of diversity and inclusion.