Professional development

We believe in internal promotion as the best way of developing and growing our employees and the company.

Inditex is constantly growing and evolving. Since the very early days of the company internal promotions have been key to our success. The majority of our staff works in stores, the core element of our business.

We believe that this is our main source of talent since our store employees are closest to our customers and best understand their needs. It is therefore natural that most of our internal promotion takes place from the store.

In recent years we have developed specific programmes to identify the interests and potential of our employees in order to offer them new growth opportunities within the company. Half of our product managers and heads of department come from our internal promotion programmes.

Almost 7,500 people were promoted during the past exercise

We promote a working environment that helps our employees maximize their talent and abilities, giving them responsibilities from the outset by fostering an entrepreneurial spirit.

All of the Group’s departments offer specific technical, skill-based or language training programmes which vary according to department needs but share a cross-cutting focus on serving our stores and highlight the culture and values which we share as a team globally.

Apart from initial training on the job, every department has specific technical training programmes that deal with the three main pillars of our business: product, process and people management. We also offer training on skills, languages, IT, health and safety, sustainability and so on, always with a focus on customer service and encouraging the transmission of our culture and values across the continents.

Another characteristic of our training is that it is integrated into our everyday work thanks to our network of internal trainers. Learning new things every day is part of the opportunities that we offer all employees. 

Some key figures on our employee development:
  • 50% of the Group’s job vacancies were filled internally
  • More than 360,000 attendances to training and talent development programmes
  • Staff received more than 2.3 million training hours in the last year