Our employees

Motivation, innovation, teamwork, humbleness and the goal of a job well done is what drives the 165,000 people that propel the company forward.

We share fundamental values such as teamwork, humility, diversity and commitment and we believe that there is always room for improvement. Every person is key to the success of the company, and it is our collective energy that allows us to create fashion that is Right to Wear and overcome any challenge we set ourselves. 

Our Code of Conduct and Responsible Practices sets out the values and principles that guide our actions and relationship with our customers, shareholders, partners, suppliers and all the communities where we are present. 

We believe that attracting the best talent is crucial for the company. You can find more information on our job profiles and vacancies at, where you can learn more about our career opportunities through real stories from our colleagues.



Our employees represent 177 nationalities. We promote environments where they will be accepted as they are, regardless of their race, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, religion, and nationality.



At Inditex we are particularly committed to promoting gender equality through initiatives that also include flexible and part-time working hours. In addition, we create policies that favour maternity and breastfeeding, as well as promoting a work-life balance for workers with specific needs.


Unlimited contracts

Continually improving the quality of employment is one of our main priorities. Our aim is to guarantee decent, consistent, stable and quality working conditions in every country where we are present.


Apart from generating new employment opportunities, we are strongly committed to ensuring good working conditions and quality jobs in each of the countries where we are present. All of our colleagues are offered opportunities for development and training and we are pleased that 81% of our colleagues have permanent contracts. 

All of our payment structures link variable pay to the company’s results, because we want to continue to recognise the contribution made by our teams in achieving our goals.

The health and safety of our employees is a vital part of our management at all levels of the company. Our employees are trained in  in the management of health and safety issues, which is key for the prevention. We are commited with the compliance in this subject and one of our aims is to continuously improving it, as pointed in the OHSAS certification that we fulfill. 

Thanks to all of this, Merco Talento has named us the Best Company to work for in Spain for eleven years in a row.