Shareholder Structure

Significant Shareholding

Significant Shareholders Name or company name of the indirect owner % of voting rights attached to shares % of Voting rights through financial instruments % of voting rights total
Pontegadea Inversiones, S.L.Amancio Ortega Gaona50.010%50.010%
Partler ParticipacionesAmancio Ortega Gaona9.284%9.284%
Rosp Corunna Participaciones Empresariales, S.L.Sandra Ortega Mera5.053%5.053%

*Last updated on 30/04/2022

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A detail of Inditex shares held by directors (other than significant shareholders) is shown next:

Name or company name of the directorVoting rights attached to shares% of voting rights through financial instruments% of total voting rights
Marta Ortega Pérez42,511-0.0014%--0.0014%
Óscar García Maceiras*8,570-0.0003%0.002%-0.0023%
José Arnau Sierra30,000-0.001%--0.001%
Denise Patricia Kingsmill0- -- 
Anne Lange0- -- 
Pilar López Álvarez4,000-0.0001%--0.0001%
José Luis Durán Schulz--0.0001%--0.0001%
Rodrigo Echenique Gordillo20,000-0.001%--0.0001%
Emilio Saracho Rodríguez de Torres0- ---
Total -0.0039%  0.0059%
Total % of voting rights represented on the board of directors59.298%

* With regard to the first cycle (2021-2024) of the new 2021-2025 Long-Term Incentive Plan, the CEO may receive up to a maximum of 68,562 shares. (i.e. 0.002 %).

** Last updated on 30/04/2022

For further detailed information, access is provided to the information on transactions in Inditex shares notified by senior managers and related parties available on CNMV's public records.

Treasury Stock

The Annual General Meeting held in 2019 authorised the Board of Directors to proceed to the derivative acquisition of treasury stock up to 10% of the share capital.

Between 22 and 29 July 2021, the company purchased 2,500,000 own shares representing 0.08% of the share capital, within the framework of the Temporary Share Buy-Back Programme, approved by the Board of Directors in the meeting held on 13/07/2021.

Treasury stock as of 30/04/2022


For further detailed information, access is provided to the information on the Share Buy-Back Programme available on CNMV’s public records.