Fearlessly Innovative Fashion

Our attitude towards innovation is a bold, outside-the-box approach because our commitment to improvement is constant. We take risks when we see a better way—for our customers, for our planet, and for fashion that moves the world forward—through the most inspiring experience.

Customers First

Our customers are the focal point of our business model and the ultimate barometer of our activity. This means every new innovation we implement is designed to improve the human experience. To deliver better quality, more efficient and more sustainable processes every single time.

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For us, this means the ability to adapt and respond is essential. Our integrated value chain allows us to react to real events and new insights nimbly and efficiently. And we dowhether that means an instant pivot in the face of the unforeseen or the little improvements we make every single day to enhance and elevate our customer experience.  We care about what they care about—so all our teams give their best to understand what they want and deliver it without delay through a unique focus on customer listening, real time sales analysis and targeted production runs. 

SINT, our integrated stock management system, allows us to fulfill online orders from both store warehouses and online stockrooms, resulting in efficiency, a smaller carbon footprint with a low level of leftovers and shorter wait times. And with the full development and deployment of our open and modular digital architecture, Inditex Open Platform, we can move forward with real-time customer adaptation, offering them new fashion and brand experiences.

Brand Experience

When it comes to stores and online, our philosophy is simple—create a truly elevated experience for all. We are constantly looking to improve our larger and technologically advanced stores on the world’s most exclusive shopping streets, as well as upending e-commerce with high-fashion editorial content that offers all our consumers the originality and inspiration they crave.

Brick-and-mortar or online; our stores are integrated to create a single commerce platform. We invest in beautiful spaces that maximize architectural form and function (both real and virtual), intuitive layouts, innovative customer-oriented technology and campaign creative that’s consistent across every brand touchpoint. For our customers this means a truly cohesive brand and a seamless shopping experience.

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Design Expertise

Over 700 designers call Inditex home and each one brings exceptional talent, raw creativity, and a deep understanding of the customer they're creating for. Our team's visionary work is informed by analyzing sales, receiving daily feedback from our stores and sales teams, and the most up-to-date trend reports. By staying so informed, they can authentically translate and even intuit our customer’s desires.


Underlying all these skills is the recognition that responsible fashion begins at the drawing board. Our designers understand their role and take special attention to the raw materials and processes used in our garments.

Smarter Production Processes

Our origins are in manufacturing—so we have a deep appreciation for the role our non-exclusive suppliers play in creating high-quality products at the best value for our customer. We set our standards high based on our commitment to ethics and excellence.

We also prioritize proximity—with 50% of manufacturers who handle our end product located close to our headquarters, mainly from Spain, Portugal, Turkey and Morocco. Having them nearby helps in our efforts to consume less energy and reduce our carbon footprint. It also allows our team to work closely with our suppliers throughout the whole production process. In conjunction with short runs, proximity offers unparalleled flexibility and control over the process; giving us the ability to create an incredibly wide range of lasting, responsible fashion.

Smart Logistics

We believe our stores and online deserve best-in-class support. We refresh every one of our stores and online platforms based on customers' demands. We’re constantly improving the process to keep this standard, while innovating to set the bar even higher. By adopting and developing cutting-edge technologies like Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), we’re able to integrate the management of stock across all brands and help store associates locate items anywhere—speeding up stocktaking and freeing up time for better customer care.