Medicus Mundi Programme

We are working with Medicus Mundi to enhance the well-being of vulnerable textile sector workers in Tangiers (Morocco).

This initiative with Medicus Mundi has provided over 3,800 people working for 43 companies participating in the scheme with access to medical care for the diagnosis and filtering of common illnesses.

The programme also entails campaigns to raise awareness about how to prevent chronic illnesses and detect risk factors. It also promotes sexual and reproductive health and provides training on risk avoidance and first aid.

Other players from Moroccan society have recently become involved in this initiative, specifically, the Ministry of National Education and the Regional Department of Employment and Social Affairs, which has become the key partner.

The ultimate goal is to help the programme's beneficiaries exercise their rights and access healthcare; it is particularly focused on promoting the health of working women. Literacy programmes have also been rolled out for female workers. 

The programme revolves around the following lines of action: promotion and improvement of health; promotion of sexual and reproductive health; improved access for workers to primary health services; training in risk prevention; first aid in the textile industry, and reinforcement and development of services for occupational health and safety.