Our 'for&from' stores are run by people with physical or mental disabilities.

Inditex’s 'for&from' programme is aimed at the social integration of people with disabilities, by providing employment opportunities in our stores.

The stores are operated by non-profit partner organisations with the relevant disability expertise. These include Fundación Molí d'en Puigvert, Confederación Galega de Persoas con Discapacidade, Asociación Pro-Discapacitados Psíquicos de Alicante, Moltacte, Fundación Prodis and Cometa. In all other respects, these branches are just the same as ordinary stores within our franchises.

After an initial donation from us to build the store, the programme funds itself. We supply past-season items which the stores sell at a discount and all profits are then invested back into projects for disabled people.

This initiative began in 2002 and we have since opened 15 'for&from' stores, with combined sales totalling €12.5 million in the last exercise alone and profits of over 1.5 million euros to reinvest in disability projects run by our partners.

The programme currently provides stable employment for over 200 people with disabilities. We were proud to open a new store in 2018 (Uterqüe) as well as the first international one in Como (Italy) in 2019 –and more stores are on the way.

Our 'for&from' stores
2002: Massimo Dutti. Palafolls (Barcelona, Spain)
2007: Massimo Dutti. Allariz (Ourense, Spain)
2008: Bershka. Palafolls (Barcelona, Spain)
2010: Tempe. Elche (Alicante, Spain)
2010: Tempe. Allariz (Ourense, Spain)
2012: Stradivuarius. Manresa (Barcelona, Spain)
2013: Oysho. Palafolls (Barcelona, Spain)
2014: Massimo Dutti. Llagostera (Girona, Spain)
2015: Inditex. Culleredo (A Coruña, Spain)
2016: Massimo Dutti. Igualada (Barcelona, Spain)
2016: Pull&Bear. Ferrol (A Coruña, Spain)
2017: Tempe. Leganes (Madrid, Spain)
2017: Oysho. Llagostera (Girona, Spain)
2018: Uterqüe. San Sebastián de los Reyes (Madrid)
2019: Tempe. Como (Italy)

Our 'for&from' programme, in numbers:
  • 220 people with disabilities hired
  • 14 'for&from' stores in Spain and 1 in Italy 
  • 1.5 billion € net profits in the last exercise