Tax is vital for the economic and social development. We have an unwavering commitment to comply with tax legislation in every country where we do business.

Tax is vital for the economic and social development of society, the protection of the vulnerable, and the responsible stewardship of the environment. 

We have clear guiding principles on tax that spell out our unwavering commitment to comply with tax legislation in every country where we do business and to follow ethical tax practices in a transparent way.

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We are proud to have established positive relations with government tax authorities across the world built on good faith, collaboration and mutual trust, and with the clear purpose of ensuring that we are interpreting each country’s tax legislation in the way it was intended.

We have made a total tax contribution of €5.96 billion in the last fiscal year

We believe that companies should pay their fair share in each country they do business. We do not use shell companies, opaque business structures, tax havens or any other tax avoidance schemes, as evidenced when checking. We follow ‘arm’s length principles’ and the international transfer pricing rules adopted by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). These have been developed to prevent multinational companies from channelling profits from high-tax regimes to lower ones. 

Following these principles, we are proud to have made a total tax contribution in 2017 of €5.96 billion.

In Spain, Inditex's contribution to the State exceeded €1.61 billion in 2017, including direct taxation (€1,010 million) and the tax collected as a result of its business activities (€602 million) (e.g. VAT and social security).

Corporate income tax amounted to €504 million, which is equivalent to over 2% of all corporate income tax collected by the Spanish tax authorities. As a result, Inditex's corporate income tax contribution to the Spanish revenue service has topped €2 billion over the last five years.

Our tax contribution, in numbers:
  • €5.96 million total tax contribution in 2017
  • €2.7 billion direct taxes
  • €1.6 total tax contribution in Spain