By strengthening our monitoring and traceability systems, and working with local partners, we are protecting their rights.

Large numbers of South American migrants go to São Paulo, Brazil, looking for work in the manufacturing and textile industries.

Undocumented migrant workers are vulnerable to exploitation. Outside the protections of the regulated economy, many find themselves working overlong hours in unsafe conditions with few rights and freedoms. Without contracts, pay is erratic and low, with deductions commonly made for rent food and other expenses.

At Inditex, we have a zero-tolerance attitude to exploitation. We are committed to upholding human and labour rights throughout our supply chain.

We stepped up our monitoring and traceability regime, assigning auditors to each of our Brazilian suppliers. Every order is checked to ensure that all our orders are coming from facilities that comply with our high standards.

But we also recognise that our work is most effective in partnership with local and national agencies, unions and non-profit social organisations that have experience in the complicated issues facing migrant workers. 

We have helped over 100,000 migrant workers since 2011

After extensive consultation, the lines of action we have developed with them include:

  • bringing undocumented migrant workers inside the formal economy
  • creating an emergency fund for food relief and accommodation
  • professional training projects to help young migrants find work
  • legal advice for migrant workers
  • funding for government-run projects to assist migrant communities
  • investment in social integration, cultural and community projects
  • setting up a complaints hotline with accessibility for Spanish-speaking workers

With this concerted approach, we have already supported 100,000 migrant workers since 2011, and we will continue investing in the programme to ensure their fundamental rights are protected.

"Fabricado no Brasil" app

All our Brazilian products now come with a special label and a QR code, which can be scanned on a smartphone or tablet using the app. Our free Fabricado no Brasil (Made in Brazil) app gives complete access to manufacturing information for items which are both made and sold in Brazil.

Customers in Brazil who download the app can find out exactly where these items come from, so they can be sure that they were made by people who enjoy safe working conditions and decent pay.

Information about the supplier and manufacturer for that item instantly pops up on the screen, including location details, tax identification numbers and the latest date an audit was carried out there.

An icon also appears that gives customers a direct email channel to our sustainability teams in Brazil, allowing them to voice concerns or ask questions.

Our actions in Brazil, in numbers:
  • 100,000 migrants supported
  • €4.6 million in community investments
  • 9,381 app downloads