We are assisting Caritas in its employment programme in Spain and support its programme to managing the end-of-life of textile products

Our work with Caritas Spain on the employment front dates back to 2011. Since then, the programme has established its credentials as a benchmark initiative in improving the job prospects and workplace integration of people at risk of social exclusion. Its holistic approach - contemplating training plans designed to foster workplace integration, social economy and self-employment initiatives and on-the-job training - enabled a total of 1,432 people improved their employability, 930 received training and 686 found employment in 2020.

Moda Re-

Our contribution of seven million euros for the 2016–2022 period has brought about the creation of the Moda Re- initiative, a project dedicated to the collection and treatment of used textiles for recovery and reuse, that looks to create employment for vulnerable.

Thanks to our support, more than two million items of clothing have been donated to vulnerable people, 2,090 containers have been installed in Spain, more than 61,000 tonnes of clothes have been collected, 24 second-hand clothing stores have been opened or upgraded and 360 jobs have been created.