Inditex donates 1.2 million euros in humanitarian aid to Nepal

Inditex will donate 1.2 million euros to humanitarian aid programmes in Nepal after the dramatic earthquake that hit the country on Saturday. This aid is channelled through three of the leading international organisations working in the area, specifically Red Cross, Oxfam and Caritas.

Inditex contacted these organisations immediately following the tragedy to find out where its donation could have the most impact. To that end, Inditex will donate 500,000 euros to Red Cross to meet the organisation's most pressing emergency needs in Nepal, where teams are now providing support to tens of thousands of the displaced and homeless. The Red Cross is focusing on providing basic supplies for survival, especially blankets and tents to shelter those who have lost their homes, as well as facilitate permanent and stable health care.

The company will also allocate another 500,000 euros to support the work Oxfam is doing to organise a shipment of supplies related to water supply, sanitation and shelter for the victims, material that is crucial for preventing the spread of disease in these early days after the disaster.

Inditex also contacted Caritas to find out what the organisation needed in Nepal and will donate an additional 200,000 euros to provide emergency first response through the distribution of basic necessities. The objective is to provide food and temporary shelter to the greatest possible number of people over the next few critical hours for limiting the extent of the tragedy.

For more information on aid to earthquake victims in Nepal you can visit the following pages of Oxfam, Red Cross and Caritas.