Corporate Ethics

At Inditex we are committed to upholding our obligations as a company, those imposed legally and those we embrace voluntarily. That commitment governs all dealings with our stakeholders.

Our unwavering compliance pledge is crucial for the company's sustainable growth. We convey our ethics commitments to all of our stakeholders, who are kept appraised of our regulations and oversight mechanisms.     

Internal rules and regulations

Inditex's body of in-house rules and regulations covers multiple aspects of the company's reach. The rules and regulations are also binding upon the stakeholders to which they apply. 

Our codes of conduct are an essential part of our in-house rules: 

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Code of Conduct for Manufacturers and Suppliers

Our Code of Conduct for Manufacturers and Suppliers sets down the standards of ethical and responsible conduct that we demand of the manufacturers and suppliers of the products sold by Inditex in the course of doing business. It is framed by the Group's corporate culture and firmly underpinned by respect for human and labour rights.

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Our Code of Conduct and Responsible Practices embodies our values and our ethical commitments as a company and professionals. It lies at the heart of our corporate culture and guides how we do business all over the world. The Code defines the principles and values that should govern relations between the company and its main stakeholders (employees, customers, shareholders, business partners, suppliers and local communities). The Code of Conduct and Responsible Practices is binding upon everyone who works at Inditex.

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Other in-house rules

The Group's body of in-house rules (policies, procedures and manuals) address and flesh out certain aspects of the Code of Conduct and Responsible Practices and establish general guiding or governing principles applicable to specific facets of the conduct of the company, its employees and the implicated stakeholders. 

Anti-corruption regime

Inditex has approved a series of policies that officially set down and emphasise its unwavering commitment to preventing and thwarting any form of corruption, fraud, money laundering or illegal financing. 

Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Policy

Ethics policies:

Policy on Donations and Sponsorships
Policy on Gifts and Business Courtesies
Policy on Dealings with Public Servants

Conflicts of Interest Policy
Due Diligence Policy

Compliance Rules - Transparency

Policy on Disclosure of Economic-Financial, Non Financial and Corporate Information

Compliance Rules - Criminal Risk Prevention

At Inditex the Compliance Function is spearheaded by the Ethics Committee, which acts as the decision-making body, and the Compliance Department, under the General Counsel's Office, whose mission is to oversee effective execution of the Group's Compliance Model.

The Compliance Function implements the Criminal Risk Prevention Model, which is a by-product of the Code of Conduct and Responsible Practices, with which it shares the overriding purpose, as it fosters professional, ethical and responsible conduct on the part of the company and all of its employees, emphasising the prevention of white-collar crime.

This Policy relates the conduct commitments assumed in the Code of Conduct and Responsible Practices with the specific crimes which must be prevented within the company.

Compliance Policy

Policy on Criminal Risk Prevention

Sustainability rules 

Sustainability Policy

Environmental Sustainability Policy

Safe to Wear: Product Safety Policy

Clear to Wear: Product Health Policy

Policy on Human Rights

Corporate Citizenship Policy

Forest Product Policy

Other rules 

Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Compliance Policy Regarding Data Protection and Privacy

Information Security Policy

Diversity&Inclusion Policy

Global Sexual Harassment and Sex or Gender Identity-Based Harassment at the Workplace Prevention Policy

Tax Policy

Ethics Committee

The Ethics Committee is made up of the company's General Counsel and Secretary of the Board, the Chief Compliance Officer, the Chief Audit Officer, the Chief Sustainability Officer and the Chief Human Resources Officer. Its duty is to ensure familiarity and compliance with the Code of Conduct and Responsible Practices by all Group professionals and to manage the Whistle-Blowing Channel.

It may act at its own initiative or at the urging of any Inditex employee, manufacturer, supplier or third party with a direct relationship and legitimate business or professional interest reporting an incident in good faith. It can also act on its own motion.

The Whistle-Blowing Channel can be used to report any perceived breach of the Group's codes of conduct or other in-house rules and regulations. Whistle-blowers' privacy is guaranteed so there can be no reprisals. The Channel may also be used to enquire about any ethics-related issue.

Ethics Line Procedure

Ethics Line