Inditex provides grant to Every Mother Counts to ensure mothers-in-need receive access to maternal health care around the world

Thanks to this grant, EMC will be able to expand their portfolio of grants and global solutions to bring essential maternal healthcare to mothers-in-need in the United States and around the world. Details about these new grants will be available over the next several months. In addition, the Inditex grant will support EMC's campaign to raise awareness and mobilize individuals to take actions that impact the health and well-being of women at risk around the world, as well as their families.

Nearly 300,000 girls and women die each year from complications related to pregnancy and childbirth because they don't have access to essential or appropriate maternal healthcare. That means one woman dies every two minutes. For every mother who does survive, there are 10-15 million more who suffer lifelong childbirth-related disabilities, such as obstetric fistula. But the good news is that up to 98% of these deaths are preventable.