Oysho adapts the styles of the moment to the eternal principles of feminine elegance.

Oysho’s collections are carefully curated to infuse today’s trends with the timeless principles of elegance, romance and subtle femininity.

Founded in 2001, Oysho specialises in lingerie, beachwear, homewear y Sport. A celebration of women and the female form, its collections are lovingly designed to marry fashion and grace with comfort and quality.

This focus on feminine sophistication is also echoed across its stores, where Mediterranean aesthetics mingle with contemporary technology, creating warm and open spaces.

The brand’s dedication to sustainability is also reflected. Both its heaquarters in Tordera (Barcelona) and its stores of Paseo de Gracia and Diagonal (Barcelona), Rome and Geneve have been recognised with the LEED-gold certificate.

All Oysho's lines are incorporating garments made with sustainable materials under its global action plan Oysho Join Life. Its goal is to reduce the use of natural resources, minimising the environmental impact of each phase of obtaining them, and also to protect biodiversity.

In 2017, Oysho opened its second for&from store in Llagostera (Girona, Spain) in cooperation with the Moltacte non profit cooperative.