Raw materials

The Group's brands foster the use of materials obtained from more sustainable sources with a view to paring back the use of scarce resources and reducing land and water contamination. Their raw material choices are closely intertwined with our Biodiversity, Water and Energy Management Strategies.

Several of the Group's brands have product lines and collections made exclusively from certified organic cotton. Certification under the Organic Content Standard (OCS) guarantees the integrity of the input organic material. They also use recycled materials. This success of this effort is partially attributable to a drive to raise buyer team awareness of the underlying issues. 

Along this same line of initiative, Inditex collaborates through the Farm Investment Programme with agricultural projects for training in sustainable techniques and the development of seeds suitable for ecological farming. Inditex is also committed to sustainable forest management in relation to our use of synthetic fibres such as Viscose, Modal and Lyocell.

Inditex promotes raw material training not only for key suppliers in Spain, Portugal, Turkey, Bangladesh, India and China but also the Zara, Oysho, Pull&Bear and Tempe purchasing teams and the purchasing and production staff in their local offices in Spain, Portugal, Turkey, Bangladesh, India and China.

Participants receive training on the raw materials most commonly used by Inditex, their environmental, social and economic impacts and risks, as well as the programmes to increase the use of more sustainable fibres currently being implemented by the company. These training sessions aim not only to inform participants but also to encourage them to follow and contribute to such programmes.