Health, safety and sustainability standards

The commitment to our customers within the product scope implies the implementation of the most stringent international health and safety regulations. Inditex has developed with this aim internal health, safety and sustainability standards (Clear to WearSafe to Wear and Green to Wear) in cooperation with universities, technological centres and external suppliers of analysis and essay services. These standards are designed to:

• Cover the end-to-end manufacturing process for all garments, footwear and accessories sold by the Group (including not only our operations based in Spain but all those located elsewhere in the world).

• Continually update standards with a view to complying with the world's most up to date and stringent product quality standards.

• Remain binding for all of the Group's suppliers.

Responsibility in the production of safe products is not solely limited to the supervision and control of processes typical of the textile industry: The auxiliary chemical industry and its suppliers also play a fundamental role in the manufacturing of fashion products. Therefore, Inditex's strategy of action includes audits throughout the supply chain and training and advisory sessions for the design team, as well as technology audits and training for suppliers.