Exhaustive controls

Inditex's product responsibility starts with the design and the correct selection of prime materials, processes and dyes to be used, and do not end until the end of the product's life cycle. The entire value chain is subject to control and supervision. To guarantee the health and safety of the articles, R&D programmes are developed in order to detect problems as quickly as possible and to substitute processes and substances that may entail potential risks. There is an ongoing effort to render monitoring and analysis procedures more efficient, accurate and faster.

To this end Inditex uses the services of 28 third-party laboratories located all around the world. The growing use of these laboratories in recent years has enabled the Group to increase its ability to supervise compliance with all regional standards in shorter timeframes. Among this broad network of product testing laboratories, two next-generation facilities stand out: one in Lugo (Spain) and the other in Istanbul (Turkey); these are the Group's analytics centres of reference and are equipped to perform the most cutting-edge testing in record time. Both laboratories are equipped with high-precision analytics tools that support the initiatives carried out under the umbrella of the technical advisory programme for manufacturers and suppliers.

Inditex has set up a dedicated in-house laboratory to test its footwear at its footwear and accessories facility in Elche (Spain).

This collaboration includes Inditex programmes to supervise the quality of laboratory analysis results and correction of any problems detected.